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A bib with a waterproof front to protect clothes and a soft back that feels comfortable against the skin – just what’s needed when your child wants to eat on their own.
The front pocket catches all spills and is easy to clean, either with a quick rinse or by washing it in the machine.
The bib is easy to put on and remove since it snaps in place with a button.
Since the fastening is not locked or tied, it opens more easily if the bib gets stuck in something. Safe both for you and your child.
Just as practical for meals as when it’s time to play, paint, do crafts or bake.
Made of safe materials and contains no substances, PVC or phthalates which can harm your child’s skin or health. Complies with current safety requirements for plastic, which means that the plastic constantly undergoes rigorous tests.
Easy to keep clean; machine wash hot (60°C).
Easy to fold and store for the next meal.
Recommended for ages from 0 year.


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